Ship tunnel to be built under Norwegian mountains

March 23, 2021

"Structum" Editorial office.

Authorities in Norway have given the final approval to start construction of the Stad Ship Tunnel. The tunnel will be a mile long, cutting through the narrowest part of the Stad peninsula, and will let ships bypass the Stadhavet Sea, one of the most dangerous spots on the Norwegian coast with 100 storms a year.

The project will cost about $330 million. Construction will start next year and be competed in 2025 or 2026. The tunnel will be blasted through rock and will involve underground drilling rigs and pallet rigs.

It is believed to be the first tunnel for large ships built anywhere in the world.

On its western side, an existing road will be rerouted over the tunnel on a new bridge that will offer a viewpoint to observe ships and boats approaching the tunnel.

The interior of the tunnel will be lit by LED hoses that also function as a wayfinding system.

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